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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 1, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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inside a local funeral home for the second time in a week police discover bodies composing now investigators and families want answers. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans. lucy is off tonight. fox 29's dave kinchen was at the scene as police went through that funeral home. he's live now at southwest detectives. dave? >> reporter: well, joyce, this story has been developing all day ever since we break it on twitter. right now police are executing a search warrant on the hawkins funeral services building. they also interviewed the funeral director here at southwest detectives. hawkins funeral service social security surrounded by police tape on the 5300 block of vine street after state investigators find three bodies inside including two that were composing. those state investigators say the parlor is not a licensed facility and called philadelphia police to the scene. >> one is actually in a casket. looks like services were held and that body is awaiting cremation. >> funeral director blair hawkins is licensed himself but
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picked up to have bodies which did not have signed death certificates. two started decomposing despite regulations that require bodies to be he will bammed within 24 hours. >> it's like there's failures here. the director failed using the building he's not supposed to be using. >> my mother, she was buried in february, and i was not pleased with this funeral home at all. >> reporter: this woman does not want her face shown but says she rushed over to the scene after she saw the story on fox 29. she had a story of her own. >> i didn't like how my mother looked at all. i knew something was wrong with the way how she look. she just didn't look herself. >> this funeral home crack down comes less than week after three decomposing bodies were found in this garage which belonged to the powell funeral home in north philadelphia. police say it sends a message. >> unacceptable behavior. these directors no matter who you are need to understand you need to be licensed and your parlor needs to be licensed and you should not do this because you're collecting money to ensure that the proper burial
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takes place for anyone who dies. >> reporter: again police are executinexecuting a search warne speak at this time. and we're told that those bodies will be taken out of that funeral home and get put into another place while they continue to investigate. joyce? >> all right, thank you, dave. skyfox flying high above the scenes of two double shootings today in philadelphia. first, on the 1500 block of south corly street. this in point breeze. police say two men were shot on the street just before 6:00 tonight then rushed to presbyterian hospital. one died. the other is in critical condition. police are still looking for the shooter. and in the city's fair hill neighborhood investigators say two men both of them 23 years old were shot around 1:30 this afternoon on the 2600 block of north lawrence street. one of those men is in critical condition. no word yet on what led up to these shootings. and police have not yet made eye any arrests. >> on your radar tonight another possible heat wave here's a live look from allentown tonight. mike masco in for scott william.
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mike, we could hit the fifth heat wave of the summer tomorrow. >> i think we are. again, sunday was 90. yesterday was 90 degrees and it looks like -- actually today was 90 degrees. looks like tomorrow we'll also hit that one. 81 in town that's how you know it will be a hot day tomorrow. we're still in the 80s at 10:00 o'clock with feels like temperature at 83. because today hit 90 degrees, that makes it 30, 90-degree days for this summer. four heat waves on our way to the fifth. each month above average. pretty toasty summer. dew point values well into the upper 60s to low 70s an indication that the humidity is on top of us so not only will it be hot tomorrow, but we'll have these heat index values coming close to 100 degrees. the focus of the heat and the concern going forward for the rest of this week will be right along 95 where air temperatures will be between into to 95 degrees but again with the humidity it will feel like between 95 to 100 degrees. well several days in row of some pretty nasty heat. in fact, the entire month of
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september may be hotter than normal. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. guys? >> thank you, mike. investigators arrested a man cues of hitting an off duty philadelphia cop, officer lamar pool died yesterday when a car hit his motorcycle on roosevelt boulevard. now cops say the man behind the wheel of that car took off. but with the help of witnesses investigators found him. fox 29's dave schratwieser explains that the driver is facing a list of charges while comrades in blue prepare to bury another one of their own. >> great police officer and he was an even better person. >> reporter: a lot of heavy hearts at the 12th police district in southwest philadelphia monday. this is where veteran officer lamar pool worked for the past half dozen years. his death in an off duty motorcycle crash on sunday stunned his fellow officers. >> i was in shock when i heard it. immediately went to the hospital, and just stunned that something like this could happen
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in an instant. >> reporter: investigators now say 59-year-old lewis bogwell was driving under the influence when he turned left in front of officer pool's motorcycle on the boulevard causing a violent collision that took officer pool's live. >> the loss is tree men us. the circumstances that he was lost in. >> reporter: the man was charged with involuntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide by dui and other offenses. a tow truck driver helped track him down and held him for police. >> he made a tremendous difference. i'm sure that means a lot to not only all of us in the department but to the officer's family as well. >> reporter: the deathly 42-year-old officer arc 19 year veteran of the force, stunned his fellow officers. >> he was older than me he kind of like took me under his wing and became not a father figure but almost like a big brother to me. >> officer cane remember ivy went through the police academy 18-year-old with officer pool.
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he spent the last six years assigned to the 12th district with officer pool the father of seven. >> something so sudden so senseless happens it hurts even more. row rt report officer ivy says officer pool loved to ride his motorcycle, it was more than a hobby. >> it was his passion. that's where he was home, you know, he was comfortable in itself and his skin on that motorcycle. he loved it. >> our dave schratwieser reports that the suspect is still behind bars tonight. police have not yet released his blood alcohol level from the time of the crash. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced for officer pool. the hunt is on for three men wanted for robbing several taxi cab drivers. robberies all happened last week in northeast philly. police released these surveillance pictures of the men they believe are behind the robberies. each time witnesses say the men used a gun to rob cab drivers of their fares. police say these men are considered armed and dangerous. the suspect in a hit-and-run accident that killed a little boy in west kensington turned himself in to police tonight.
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investigators say 22-year-old miguel cologne was behind the wheel of the car that hit two-year-old david alicia and 19-year-old mother. it happened back in april as they were crossing mascher street. the little boy died three days later. this mom is still recovering. all clear tonight after a suspicious package was found at an airplane hangar at joint base mcguire. the package was found just after 2:30 this afternoon on the lakehurst side in new jersey. investigators later determined that the package was not a threat and the alert was canceled just before 5:00 this evening. some big problems for delaware county school district classes start in just two days and as we told you last week, unless there's a state budget passed teachers in the chester upland school district will not get paid. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in front of the staples in springfield where many parents are finishing their back to school shopping but chris for the teachers in chester upland buying supplies is the least of their concerns. >> reporter: yeah, iain, it's
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not just parents showing up but also we saw a lot of teachers getting their school supplies getting ready to set up their classrooms for the school year and many of those teachers will be paying for those supplies out of their own pockets. and in chester upland, some of those teachers won't even be getting a paycheck. >> one friend brought over a ton of pencils. >> reporter: like most teachers, marty, can't wait to get back to school and see her students at the chester upland school for the arts. but this year, is much differe different. >> we're excited. some of us also get very anxious. >> reporter: anxious is an understatement. that's because chester upland the state's poorest district simply doesn't have the money to pay its teachers. so the union agreed they'll work without pay for the time being. >> it ticks me off. >> reporter: simply put until the state legislation passing a budget, chester upland is broke. and right now there's no telling from harrisburg when a budget
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will go through. teachers did get a thank you letter from the secretary of education but as to when their next paycheck will come, a week, a month, it's anyone's guess. >> i don't know how to feed my children. >> reporter: in the meantime her own aids kids are loads losing out. no new shoes or school clothe this year. they're applying for reduced cost lunches and get to that job that doesn't even pay will be a challenge. >> my biggest fear right now is what if i don't have money to put gas in my car to actually get to work to teach my students? what happens then? >> reporter: with 20 years experience, she could get another job at another high-paying district. but she chose to stay in chester getting paid or not. >> our kids deserve an educati education. >> reporter: it's not just the teachers hundreds of support
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staff and bus drivers will also be going without pay. the plan is to get back pay whenever the state budget is passed but then again no one knows when that will happen. in delaware county, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. ♪ he looks like he's a typical shopper in local grocery store. until he picks up a two by four and starts swinging. what this guy was after that had the clerk and witnesses ducking for cover. plus -- fight, arrests, cop cars lined up the street all in a back to school rally. what kids saw as they were getting school supplies. a brother and sister home alone when a guy starts breaking in. >> i think someone is out there but i'm not sure. but i heard something break and i'm really scared. >> older sister knows what to do. what she does after she calls 911 that may have saved their young lives. plus a wedding dream turned into a nightmare. half of the guests sick.
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enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> religion book showing up in mailboxes across philadelphia and most residents are finding it pretty mysterious. book is called the great controversy. >> most people who have gotten it say they have no idea why it was sent to them. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live in center city. shawnette, you've got some answers. >> reporter: we did, joyce. it took some phone calls and e-mails but we did get some answers much the publisher tells me about 700 copies were sent out around philadelphia. it caught many we talked to by
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surprise who want to know who sent out this book and why? >> i thought it was kind of odd actually to get a book in the male. >> reporter: george is one of many people on his block in south philly who received this book by surprise in the male. >> most the guys i know through it in the trash. i figured i'd give it a shot. >> reporter: it's call the great controversy. >> a lot of bible quotations and captions. >> reporter: it landed in mailboxes around the city with subtitles like past, present, future and how will it end? written on the cover beneath the title. >> i don't know where it came from. >> reporter: we made phone calls to find out about the mystery book. it was sent by remnant publications, a non for profit christian ministry. they paid the u.s. postal service to send out mass numbers of the book ceo says just like any mass mailing including junk mail. the company says the original book was written in the 1850s by a woman named ellen white who died in 1915. several versions of the book have come out since then.
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>> i got it -- what's today? monday. i got the thursday. >> reporter: anthony cook plans on reading it even though he's unclear what it's about. >> it's always something we need to know, you know what i mean? it's a positive thing. anything with knowledge, wisdom, definitely work with that. >> reporter: simon gonzales is unphased. >> i don't think it's strange but sometimes, you know, it seems like to me that everyone is getting it they want to get a message across. now i might read it because, you know, now i see everyone is getting it. i want to see what it's talking about. >> reporter: well, it looks like this mass mailing work publisher tells me the cost of the book and sending it sought covered solely by donations. i also asked ceo of of company whether the timing has anything to do with the papal visit coming up. he says there is a connection but it isn't solely the run. >> shawnette, thank you philadelphia police released surveillance video of an armed robbery but the suspects not
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armed with gun. this was inside lease food cart is west kensington earlier this mom the man walks into the store with a two by four and demands cash. then he got behind the counter and took what he came for. he is still on the run tonight. thankfully no one was hurt. pope francis will be in the city of brotherly love in less than a month. and city officials along with leaders of the world meeting of families kicked off a campaign today that allows businesses to announce for sure that they will be open for the papal visit. they hit the street visiting businesses around the city handing out kits for hash tag open in phl. it's part of their i'll be there campaign. the kits include signage and branding for businesses to promote the world meeting of families. father joe cap pelon was the leader of a great school up in the northeast until something he would say the holy spirit told him to think bigger. >> as fox 29's karen hepp shows
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us nouse he's on mission to make all schools better. ♪ >> reporter: father joe lives and breathes sports, schools and god but after 20 years at the helm of father judge high reverend joe campelone is laying down his crusader sword to lift up catholic schools. >> i love judge. i love every minute of judge. but you know what, i wanted to practice what i preached. the pope himself, has been telling injury gee you got to get out and get dirty. be with the people. learn. >> reporter: he thinks we've all got to be life long learners so he's going to learn how to make schools better by touring the country and studying seven of the best over the next year. his mission, build a new model for schools with leaders who can motivate, engage and create an inspired culture. >> sports has been my life.
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>> reporter: a good coach can make players better a good coach creates a winningulture. ♪ >> culture can take strategic planning out to lunch every day. ♪ >> reporter: how do you make a positive culture? a culture that breeds success? >> the main way they do that is engagengaging their fact cull tt comes from top down. it comes from the leader. the leader's ability to get all buy in approach. >> reporter: kids have to buy n father joe says we can't do same old things the same old way and expect it to work for today's tech savvy kids. successful coaches for today's new player teachers need to he involve for two's new students it. >> just dawned on me this is what i need to do. >> the archdiocese things so too much they're sending him on year long mission. father joe has a whole advisory team to help like dr. bridget blakely.
3:18 am
>> i'm a neighborhood kid. i grew up right across the boulevard. we are who we are because of what we received in catholic education. so i want to see that continued. i want to make sure that students have the same opportunity that i had to be a part of the family that is catholic education, and then grow from that and become not only skilled learners but contributors to society and continuing to go out and make the world something better. leading by example inspired by our people's pope compelling one vocation at a time. >> i love this guy. i think he's amazing. i wish he was here longer. you know, i think he is really bringing jesus christ really out of papers and out of doctrines and making him visible. ♪ >> we will continue to follow dr. joe's journeys and let you know about his discoveries and findings because he hopes to change not just parochial schools but all schools, charter
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schools, public schools, even private schools. we wish him all the luck in the world and god speed. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> caught on video up and coming rapper on stage halls off and kicks a fan in the front row. so hard she's knock out. what this teen's mom is calling for tonight. >> flames tear this apartment building. some forced to jump top safety. what witnesses heard just before the fire erupted. >> scientific break through we've all been waiting for. what researchersust discovered may stop your ice cream from melting. ♪ >> now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. out and about tonight, penndot working on the ramps to i-95 and cottman avenue. cottman avenue off-ramps will be closed till 5:00 tomorrow morning. same deal here in center city with the spring garden street on and off-ramps closed until 5:00. and then all this week during
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the midday, penndot will be sprucing it up they'll be doing the roving penndot crews between skyline and 202 in king of prussia from 9:00 to 3:00. so keep that in mind if you'll be getting a late start tomorrow morning. we'll get an early start and
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new york city cops are looking for prisoner who escaped police custody at a local hospital. police say 23-year-old tiffany newman got away last night while she was being treated in lower manhattan. now according to police newman was brought to the hospital as she said she wasn't feeling well. and she thought she was pregnant. she was pick up saturday on theft charges. new details tonight about houston police officer ambushed at the gas pump. accused killer appeared in court today. shannon miles being held without bond he's facing capital murder charge for the death of darrin goforth killed pumping gas friday night. investigators now say deputy was shot 15 times. >> he runs up behind depth beauty goforth and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. the deputy hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun. >> investigators have not
3:24 am
determined motive only saying goforth was targeted for wearing this uniform. goforth is survived by a wife and two young children. his funeral is set for friday. as many as 16 families are staying elsewhere tonight after a future fire in marietta georgia. it broke out this morning in an apartment complex. residents say they heard an explosion right before the flames started. firefighters arrived to find parts of the building already fully engulfed. three people were sent to the hospital. officials are still trying to figure out the cause. anything but, your typical police chase speeding 100 miles per hour through construction. but just wait. what you see when he jumps from the moving car and -- he's coming, he's coming, he's coming. he's close. >> chilling 911 call from an 11-year-old girl home babysitting her brother when someone breaks in. her quick thinking police say saved their lives. mike? >> iain, the clouds and showers
3:25 am
clearing off the coast. now we have a dry stretch of weather, hot stretch of weather out towards the west. i meteorologist mike masco. several days to go with 90 degrees or better. here's the relief. 90 degrees or better. here's the relief. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation.
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>> right now at 10:30 middle of another possible heat wave. here's life look in wilmington tonight. tomorrow could mark our fifth heat wave of the summer. but get ready. meteorologist mike masco is track wagon could be the hottest day of the summer much that's coming up. >> in buck county an accident 187 peco customers without electricity. skyfox over the scene on the 600 block of ferry road. this is in doylestown. a car hit a utility pole just after 5:00 this evening. there's no word on any injuries. power was restored to all customers less than two hours after that crash. starting tomorrow new jersey has new rules for child safety seats. kids under the age of two and less than 30 pounds have to be secured in a rear facing seat. it's also got to be a five-point harness. children between two and four
3:29 am
and under 40 pounds can be in either a rear or front facing seats and kids between four and eight have to be in booster seat in the back. after age eight kids can start using the regular seat bell. we got it all spelled out for you on our website just had to fox and look for the story. >> 11-year-old girl home babysitting her little brother when a burglar breaks in and she knew exactly what to do. >> police say what happened next may have saved her and her little brother. fox's chris cal clark spoke to the girl about the terrifying evening. >> 911. >> i think someone -- someone someone was trying to knock, someone is knocking on the door --ing. >> that was the frightened voice of 11-year-old annabelle calling 911 asthma man forces his way into her home. >> i think someone is out there but i'm not sure. but i heard something break. i'm really scared. >> annabelle and her seven-year-old brother brody were home alone friday night when their mother left the house
3:30 am
briefly. the burglar first tried knocking at their door but the kids didn't answer. >> i didn't recognize the vehicle and so at that point they were kind of kicking at the door, and so i grabbed the phone and went into my mom's bathroom. >> while calling her mother to tell her what was happening she heard the window shatter in her brother's room. the burglar had gotten into inside. >> the glass broke. the glass was very loud. i could hear the window breaking and then my heart stopped. >> that's when the phone cut off and like any mom, jill started to panic. >> the phone went off. the phone went off. i was talking to my daughter. she said someone is locking at the door. i'm so scared. >> but annabelle stayed calm. they hung up on her mother to dial 911 lesson she says police taught her when she visited her class. >> always make sure you hide, be quiet, call 911 if there's an emergency. >> reporter: she did just that. locking herself and brody in the bathroom while staying on the phone with 91 weren't operators. >> tell me what you hear, okay. >> he's coming, he's coming,
3:31 am
he's coming. i need to be quiet. >> tell me what you hear. >> the sound of police scare the burglar a way he ran out the front door knocking down the family fence as he tried to hop it. police chased him down catching 18-year-old andre levin russell one block over hiding in a daycare center. officers found the kids shane but okay. >> open the door! >> do you see them? >> they're here. >> i'm so proud of her and it is a feeling i got that she handled that so well. >> she says the scare is a reminder of how important it is to talk to kids about what to do in an emergency advice annabelle doesn't mine sharing as well. >> stay calm and be quite and try to think positive thoughts. >> crystal clark reports the suspect was charged with burglary and police say it's important parents teach kids when it's okay to dial 911 and help memorize their address, their pan's names and of course their phone number.
3:32 am
>> we're talking about a heat wave. more, again, mike masco? >> yeah, let's do it again, right. why not? here's what's going on in old city. things are very warm. 81 degrees downtown dew points up at 67. so as we talk at 10:00 o'clock we do have a heat index coming at 83 degrees. and temperatures are going to be a struggle to fall back down into the 70s. it's a pair of sevens in wilmington, dover at 76 degrees. 75 wildwood and the atlantic city boardwalk very balmy 77. tomorrow morning waking up to 76 degrees. it's hot and steamy at 1:00 o'clock with a temperature right around 90. we'll probably make it to around 91, 92 degrees but with the humidity it is going feel closer to 95 and it stays hot right into this evening. so let's crank that ac next several nights we'll get more sunshine to go to work tomorrow that will get our temperatures above 90 degrees. there is a silver lining to this forecast by friday we are expecting the heat to break down. so we're not seeing any kind of turbulent weather well out to the west. we'll go about, say, 1300 miles
3:33 am
out towards the pacific northwest, this is a cold front that's actually going to break down the heat. it will take several days before that enters the delaware valley. the on the noteworthy event going on right now in the tropic. this is hurricane fred winds at 75 miles per hour this is moving to the northwest around 12 miles per hour. this is a system again that's expected to dissipate and not really cause much fanfare across the united states. so here we go. tomorrow will be the official heat wave number five for the philadelphia area. this area of high pressure moving up towards the north. we're looking at temperatures that will be into the upper 80s to around, say, newspaper degrees for the shore points and poconos. the core of the heat will set up across 95. this is where you're talking heat indicy false values around 95 to one hun dress dread degrees. this could prove to dangerous. we were looking at the long range guidance going into this tomorrow month. tomorrow is september 1st. there are signs point to go a continuation for the heat in fact i'm forecasting eight more
3:34 am
days of 90-degree weather as we go into next month. 73 in town for tonight. man, it's a steambath out there, guys. we'll get up to around -- that's not right. we wish it was 86 degrees. we're going for temperature of into tomorrow. spicy start, joyce. 93, hot, humid for wednesday. let's do that again on thursday. 94. i think thursday that will be the hottest day. 94 the real feel of around 98, 99 degrees. >> so this is -- everybody it's not 100 relax. i get that. this is noteworthy because this time of the year we should be around 84. way above average. >> he like it spicy. >> i like it mild. >> thank you, mike. run to rita's water ice with a handgun. what theoman working the window did that foiled a potential crook's plan. >> a ned wedding dream turned into the nightmare. half of the guests sick. some rush to you are jenn care.
3:35 am
>> i feel really bad. that's not what i want people to remember from our wedding. >> mystery tonight that has new bride in tears. >> and taking the art of photography underwater.
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♪ big scare for 17-year-old rita's water ice worker in juniata. took an order at the hunting park of a store for from the man in this video when she came back he was pointing a gun at her. police say the man demand money. but the worker ran to the back of the store. suspect took off empty handed. >> in your money tonight, subway is about to get a big makeover following the scandal involvin g former spokesman jar road fogle. new york post says subway will reveal a major rebranding next year. stores are expecte to be redesigned, digital displays and new uniforms for workers. there's also talk of i don't have hauling the menu. scientists say they may have found a way to keep ice cream cones from dripping. actually a protein that keeps it from melting. the protein is found in the japanese breakfast food fermented soy beans when it grows into colonies it protects itself by forming a coating. scientists say it's kind of like a bacterial raincoat.
3:39 am
researchers say it's physical property could make it perfect for ice cream but could it keep the ice cream stable but still get warm which could make it lose its flavor. can't have everything i guess. >> yeah. a brand new bride she's heart broken. she says a mystery illness is ruining her wedding memories. >> more than half her guests got sick on the big day or shortly thereafter. so bobby married her fiance' at columbia manor back on august 22 and. a 90-year-old building on the grounds of minneapolis golf course. there were about 130 guests an lot of them reported sore throats and a cough almost immediately. a groomsman had to go to urgent care. >> just really bad cough. a lot of phlegm and, you know, just nasty stuff. coughing every night all night. having been able to sleep. it's been hard to work. >> i feel horrible. i feel absolutely horrible. that is not what i want people to remember from our wedding.
3:40 am
>> she's determined to find out what tots blame so her guests can get the right treatment. she's contacte contacted the ve, caterer and state health department. it is looking into the matter. fights, arrests, cop cars lined up on the street on back to school rally. these kids have a message for the people had ruined their party. and anything but your typical police chahase. speeding 100 miles an hour through construction. what you s
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
check this out. wild police chase near houston after weaving and out of traffic reaching 100 miles an hour, the suspect goes off the road into a construction zone then he bails right there when the car still moving and get this he's bare foot. got caught a few minutes later aft running like that near a nursing home. no word on what started that chase. back to school rally it gets way out of hand as a brawl erupts. several arrested in front of the kids who were just picking up school supply. >> amy lang talked to couple of students outraged about what they saw. >> supposed to be role models towards us and you want us to act good but you acting a fool.
3:44 am
>> reporter: this girl was at a back to school rally. funz, games, school supplies,. >> good back to school stuff. >> yeah. >> reporter: then this. >> a brawl breaks out detroit police on scene five people detained including two teenaged girls. and three men ages 17, 23 and 24. >> i'm here all the time. >> they need to stop acting like fools and animals because we growing up. >> we follow behind our parents and elders. >> reporter: these students disappointed the al hal to shut down. bounce house deflated just like their hopes for the day. disgusted watching some of the so-called grown upsetting such a bad example. >> so many people fight for no reason. and influence on kids in school and they start figh fighting net thing all of us will be in jail because we see other people doing it. >> the men will be charged with diss orally conduct. teenage girls were lee leased to
3:45 am
their parents. as for these students the adults could learn a thing or two from them. >> they keep on telling us we the next generation, we got to do good but we watch ya'll and ya'll not doing nothing with yourself. so if you want us to be good, ya'll need -- ya'll need to set an example for us. >> on detroit's west side, amy lang fox news. >> smart young lady. supreme court ruled against a county clerk in kentucky refus refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses. came division a clerk in rowan county will face fines from a federal judge if she continues. davis says same sex marriage defies her christian beliefs. a lawyer for davis says that she will show up for work tomorrow but won't say whether she plans on issuing any licenses or not. disturbing video gone viral. shows a woman being kicked at a rap concert but the one doing the kicking is the rapper that the fans came to see. up and coming rapper kevin gates performing near tampa friday
3:46 am
name you can see him kick an 18-year-old girl standing in the front row. the video has gone viral. manyny saying he went too far. the girl's mother says that her daughter had tug on the shorts of the rapper but was then kicked so hard it knocked her out. well now police are investigat investigating the teen is recovering but her mom wants something done about it. >> i don't care if you're in this nfl player, a regular person that goes to the job to the mall or a rapper. you don't come to anybodi' hometown, anybody's residence and kick anybody. >> this is not his first run in with fan. other video shows in some sort of a fight with two women at a concert in michigan he has spent several years in prison after being convicted on drug and gun charges. arizona photographer is taking his passion to new heights by going underwater. fox's christie, shows us the tricks of his art form. >> reporter: it's 107 and i'm headed straight underwater.
3:47 am
not to cool off, but to get my photo taken by this guy. >> it's a lot of fun a lot of work but you get really need pictures. >> reporter: psychology scott klein is an underwater photographer. snapping one of a kind poses you don't often see above ground. >> i once had someone ask me are you hanging them from wires? >> reporter: for 10 years, scott salt water pool has serve as his studio. models pose for portfolios and couples pose for their engagement picks. >> we all get in the pool and you just hold your breath don the best, you know, do the best you can. 15, second of twenty seven seconds you can get off 10, 15 shots in that amount of time. >> shoot underwater requires special gear. waterproof camera case, weight belt and old military gas mask glasses. >> here we go. >> reporter: all that's left, a willing subject. >> you can wear whatever you want he has a closet full of options.
3:48 am
pick one and change right now. i think this will work. let's get in the water. >> what i'm going to do i'm going to move around underneath and get the sun right behind your head. >> first few shots are aimed at the sky. i'm so focused on holding my breath that my expressions and posing leave a lot to be desir desired. a little practice and dozens of shots later, i finally get the hang of it. >> see you under. >> okay. >> very good. >> very good. >> with the switch of gowns somebody fabric props the real artist tree begins.
3:49 am
>> the more you can let the water settle down, the more you can let the water smooth out it will almost turn no a mirror. >> two hours later, we have over 700 photos. a shrek few headed for the printer. although scott loves the final product, it's the people that keep this shutter bug clicking away in the pool. >> when the model or subject looks at it they really like it. that make me feel good. okay, i've done a good job. >> that is really cool. >> that does look impressive. >> scott says he charges $50 for beau about an hour long shoot. >> that's not bad either. all right. howard is here with look at sports phillies are trying to break their worst losing streak against a team in their own division. and eagles play their final preseason game without the starters playing the biggest competition would be at that third quarterback spot.
3:50 am
matt parkly, tim tebow playing the game. hear from both coming up in sports.
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3:53 am
>> your phillies have now lost nine straight to the mets. oops, let's make that a perfect 10. to new york, tonight fifth inning scoreless. that's jarod the phillies pitcher and that's michael with the homerun just over the wall. one to nothing mets in the fifth. two outs. the opposing pitcher 97 years old and he gets single. the next matter curtis grander son two run homer mets win it three-one much that is now 10 straight. one of the best catches you'll see. let's go to baltimore his name is kevin carry meyer he's the
3:54 am
center fielder. this guy can probably dunk. to get up that high he can duck. that was a great catch. eagles play their final preseason game on thursday night against the new york jets on the road. it's the game where you will not see the starters. it's all the backup players fighting for spots to make the team. most noteworthy position fighting for the spot would be the third string quarterback. matt bark l start the game at quarterback and tim tebow will may play the second half. matt par parkly had two passes dropped. farce pressure to play well barkley has been through the situations. >> i've done this before, i've been playing this position for long time. i know what i'm doing. it's not anything new to me. this offense is, you know, second nature to me now. >> honestly it's about puttin pg
3:55 am
points on the bore much it's different on earl play. it changes. >> it's different on every play. so much for the star of the quarterback robert griffin the third. just a weeing a griffin called himself the best quarterback in the nfl. well, maybe now he can call himself the best quarterback on the bench in the nfl. the washington redskins header coach jay gruden named kirk cousins and called him the quarterback fort redskins for 2015. can you say bust? roger goodell and tom brady met the judge in a new york city courtroom. the judge had hoped they would come to cement. the four game suspension. then they did not. so the judge said he would issue a ruling as early as tomorrow. it's unbelievable. and no later than friday. i've had enough of this already. tom, stop being a child. suck it up. the truth will not -- the truth will set you free. he'sying until -- until he tells the truth. >> my god.
3:56 am
>> full hour of entertainment news coming up with tm seem, followed by dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. >> we're back at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". have a good night. ♪
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i was just in shock when i heard it. i mean he went to the hospital and just stunned, that something like this could happen. >> co-workers after an off-duty philadelphia police officer killed in the crash over the weekend, speak out. hear their touching word as they remember veteran officer lemar poole. jennaphr, good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. funeral director is charged after decomposing bodies were found in his unlicensed funeral parlor, second time in less than a week that officials discovered decomposing bodies related to funeral homes in the city, lauren. disturbing, thank you. an accused armed robber walks in the who will corner store but dent have a gun. how this startling crime played out. bruce gordon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, religious mystery showing up in


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